Meet the Band

Joe Binns

Joe began playing the pipes under the tutelage of Sue Frambach in 2014, when his love of the instrument was finally strong enough to overcome his prevailingly English ancestry. He grew up in the Des Moines area, and has no plans to leave any time soon.

Joanie Buller

Joanie was elected in 2018 as Pipe Major of Iowa Scottish. Joanie’s Irish ancestry is what inspired her to take up the bagpipes. She also wanted to be musically influential for her 2 young kids, hoping that if exposed to bagpipe music long enough they will be future bagpipers and/or drummers! She contacted Sue Frambach and began taking lessons in 2009.

Jean Davis

Jean joined the band in 2009 and traces her love of the pipes to her Grandmother, a proud Scot. Jean, too, is a Frambach School of Piping grad.

Sue Frambach

Sue explains, "My Mother made me do it!!" At her mother's suggestion, she joined the University of Iowa Scottish Highlanders, where she learned to play the bagpipes. After graduation, Sue helped found the Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums and served as Pipe Major of the band. She is also a past President of the Scottish Heritage Society of Iowa - Central Iowa Chapter and was the organist at St. Luke's Episcopal Church for several years.

Bob Henderson

Bob Henderson

Bass drummer Bob Henderson has been a percussion player off and on since 1958. He started playing with a pipe band after returning from a seven year tour in Alaska in 1977. Bob retired from the Air Force in 1987, after 23 years and touring many countries. He has played percussion with the Omaha Pipes & Drums, Coriovallum Dutch Pipes & Drums and Iowa Scottish Pipes and Drums.

Chuck Leibold

Chuck Leibold

Chuck serves as Drum Sergeant (lead drummer) for the ISPD and as lead tip for the band's Grade III competition unit. As Lead Drummer he is responsible for writing all of the performance and competition drumming scores for the band. He has successfully competed in solo competition in Grades III and IV. He has been a drumming since he was just a lad and has been with the band for over twenty-five years.

Andrea Mattingly

Andrea Mattingly, ISPAD’s lead tenor drummer, started playing the bagpipes but quickly fell in love with tenor drumming. She competed in the World Pipe Band Championships held on Glasgow Green in Scotland in 2001 when she played with the Elliott Bay Pipe Band of Seattle. Andrea is also an experienced Scottish country dancer. She moved to Iowa just over a year ago to marry the famous Dan Mattingly. Previously Andrea spent 3 years teaching in Kenya, East Africa.

Robb McMullen

Rob joined Iowa Scottish in 2005. He hails from Roland, Iowa and is a proud graduate of the Sue Frambach school of piping.

Mark McCullough

Mark's musical beginnings were forged at a very early age by his mother, who was an elementary school music teacher. He began playing drums around the age of 10 and continued through high school where his primary focus was on the marching snare. Mark took a long break from drumming while building his education and career (though he picked up the guitar). He was reunited with the snare after meeting Sue Frambach during a public safety memorial service where he was informed that there was a place in this world for old drummers.

Mica Murdoch

Mica has a long history of playing instrumental music and has loved learning the pipes, basically dropping every other instrument in the process. He loves all things Scottish and even enjoys playing some Irish tunes. Like many others in the band Mica is a student of Sue Frambach. He joined the band in 2011.

Mikelle Murdoch

Mikelle joined the Band in 2015. She loves playing the tenor drum and enjoys music and the spectacle. She has been training under the direction of Andrea Mattingly. Mikelle is very proud of her Scottish heritage and is thrilled to be part of the band.

Jeff Rowat

Jeff started drumming as a "little drummer boy" and continued through college. After a few years away from the drum he picked up the sticks again to join the UI Hawkeye Alumni Band. He is now enjoying life as a Scottish drummer.

Mort Seidenfeld

Mort has been strongly influenced by the bagpipes for over 40 years. Mort played bagpipes with Omaha Pipes and Drums in 1991 through 1998 and has played with Iowa Scottish since moving back to this area in 1998.


Chris Tyrrell

Chris joined the band in 1995, learning the pipes from then PM Tom Mulvehill. He enjoyed solo competition in the light music early in his career, but is now content to annoy the neighbors with piobaireachd. He occasionally plays with the band in its various endeavors.